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Village Tourism

The Bulgarian villages have preserved the originality of life-style and traditions. A rest in a village is attractive, so more and more people prefer this kind of relaxation and entertainment. The countryside, the local folklore, habits and crafts, the traditional cuisine and the notorious Bulgarian hospitality attract both Bulgarian and foreign visitors. Nowadays over 50 villages and 30 monasteries offer accommodation for tourists.

Having chosen the village entertainment, a tourist can get involved in agricultural activities, rides with horses and carts, craftsmen’s activities like wood processing, carving, textile, ceramics, weaving, blacksmith activities, etc. Tourists can take home a cloth, a piece of terracotta or some other object, made by their own hands. If you are willing, you can take part in cuisine courses or wine tasting, you can study Bulgarian folklore or watch the local family and religious celebrations…

The accommodation is usually in the hosts’ own house. According to their preferences, the guests can have their meals on the table together with the hosts. Traditional local meals are served, along with ecologically clean natural food and drinks. The tourists can take part in the preparation of the food, if they want to.

Most of the village housekeepers grow various vegetables, fruit-trees, dessert and wine sorts of grapes, and also keep a lot of animals, pets and birds. They produce different kinds of wine, brandy, local delicacies, and of course, the famous home-made Bulgarian yoghurt. The tourists are impressed by the traditions in agricultural production. The manual mowing and milking, the production of home-made cheese and yellow cheese, the making of yoghurt, the preparation of jam and marmalade, these are all important elements of the tourist production of the Bulgarian villages.