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Hunting and Fishing Tourism

The organized hunting tourism in the Republic of Bulgaria is started in the early 1960s in the hunting areas of the forestry farms. About 3000 foreign hunters, most of which regular visitors, come to Bulgaria every year to test their breech sight. More than 110 hunting residences, huts, hostels and shelters offer accommodation to the lovers of hunting and fishing. The forestry farms provide a wonderful atmosphere for business meetings, family tourism and horse tourism. Along with that, there are opportunities for eco-tourism and photo-hunting, as well as visits to natural and historical sights in the surrounding areas.

37 game-breeding stations have been formed for the preserving of the gene-fund of the red deer, the wild goat, the wood-grouse and the pheasant. They take care of the preserving and enriching of the species variety, the reproduction and the resettlement of the game.

The fish riches of Bulgaria are also great and various. About 500,000 small fish are bred and resettled annually all around the waters, pools and lakes of the country for the purposes of the sports fishing. The national management of the forests looks after three fish-breeding farms on the territory of the country. Many forestry farms offer opportunities for freshwater fishing where you can try and catch carps, trout, sheat-fish, perches, white fish, squalius, etc. The Black Sea provides opportunities for fishing haddock, turbot, sea wolf, sea mullet, grey mullet, golden grey mullet and so on.