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Cultural – cognitive tourism

Bulgaria is one of the oldest European countries: a country with a 13-century-old history! Situated on a crossroad of cultures and civilizations, it has rich cultural heritage – over 40,000 historical monuments, 36 cultural reserves, 160 monasteries, 330 museums and galleries.

We have inherited by the ancient inhabitants of our land numerous monuments from different historical ages: pre-historical findings, Thracian tombs, objects from the time of the Greek epoch, Roman strongholds, historical monuments and archaeological sights.

Hundreds of sights on the territory of our country have been declared cultural monuments with a national, regional and local significance. Out of these hundreds, seven have been acknowledged as unique – precious possession not only to Bulgaria, but to the whole mankind. They have been enlisted in UNESCO’s list for cultural and natural heritage. These are: the Kazanlak Tomb, the Sveshtarska Tomb, the Boyanska Church, the Madara Rider, the rock churches in the village of Ivanovo, the Old Nesebar, the Rila Monastery.

The worth of the other national monuments is of no smaller value, although they are still unknown to the world. They can justly compete with their uniqueness with the cultural heritage of Ancient Greece, Byzantium and Medieval Europe. The colorful small houses and streets in the Old Plovdiv are of great interest, as well as the antique Medieval cult center “Perperikon”; the Valley of the Thracian kings – a complex of Thracian tombs near Kazanlak; the historical-archaeological reserve “Sborianovo”, combining remarkable monuments of several epochs and religions; the Thracian cult center “Starosel”; the Medieval church “St 40 Martyrs” in Veliko Tarnovo, and many others.