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Seven Steps To Buying A Real Estate In Bulgaria

Here's a quick look at the steps you'll take when buying your new real estate in Bulgaria:

  1. Conduct a preliminary search with BGoffers's Finder.

  2. Examine the catalogue of real estate agencies. Select an agency to represent you to the sellers.

  3. Contact a real estate agency to look for a real estate that meets your needs. Your broker will keep an eye on the properties to find appropriate ones for you, and will regularly inform you about them.

  4. Once you find an estate that you want to make an offer on, you'll contact your broker to conduct the necessary steps. If your offer is accepted, your broker will prepare preliminary contract for buying the real estate. The property value will be fixed in it, as well as the earnest money to seal the deal and determine a date you wish to close it. You can read a sample of a preliminary contract here.

  5. If you have the opportunity, visit your new estate and inspect it to make sure that there is nothing seriously wrong with the property. You can sign the preliminary contract yourself, or you can authorize your broker to sign it for you.

  6. Your broker will prepare the necessary documents for the final conclusion of the deal and its certification at the notary’s office. You can sign the contract yourself, or you can authorize your broker to buy the property at your expense.

  7. Have a nice time in Bulgaria!