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Balneological Tourism

Balneological tourism is traditional for Bulgaria as a tourist country. The tradition to use the curative qualities of the waters and the natural resources started back in Thracian times. The Thracians were famous skillful healers who knew the curative characteristics of the mineral springs. The “sacred” springs of the Thracians used to be well-known in every corner of the Great Roman Empire…

Few countries in Europe can compete with Bulgaria for the abundance and variety of their thermo-mineral waters. There are over 550 findings with 1600 mineral springs, characterized with exceedingly varied chemical composition. The large supplies of high-quality firth curative mud and turf are also a valuable resource.

The varied mountain relief, the spacious sea coast-line, the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and the favorable geographic position of Bulgaria create excellent biological and climatic conditions for balneological tourism. The number of sunny days in Bulgaria is 18-20% higher than the corresponding number in Central, Northern and Northwestern Europe, and the quantity of the rainfall during the spring and summer months is 26-65% lower.

There are more than a hundred balneological resorts in Bulgaria. Very well-trained specialists work there. The rich gamut of curative and rehabilitation tourist programs is constantly renewed and updated by the inclusion of exotic, unique elements, as well as more modern treatment. Most of the services are directed not only to people who need medication and prophylaxis, but also to healthy people looking for relaxation and riddance of daily stress. Parallel with the conduct of treatment and prophylaxis, various opportunities for sports are offered – water sports, tennis, cycling, jogging, walking tours in mountain environment, etc.