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Change of function of agricultural land

The change of function of agricultural land in an industrial or residential area is done according to an order, established by the Bulgarian legislation:
  1. Declaration of investment intentions for the specific property in a state newspaper and the regional press.
  2. Opinion of the Regional Inspection for Environmental Protection (RIEP).
  3. Permission by the mayor of the municipality for conducting the procedure.
  4. Act for discarding of perennial plants, if such have been mentioned in the document for ownership.
  5. Projecting. In includes several projects – geodesy, architecture, water supply and drainage, electrical and road communications.
  6. RIEP opinion about the prepared project.
  7. Approval of the project by the municipality council.
  8. Payment of the taxes regulated by the municipality council, and connected with the type of the built-up area.
After the completion of this procedure, the real estate has a statute of a regulated land property (RLP). Construction works can be performed within the real estate, according to the approved projects.