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The Bulgarian agriculture has been put through unfavorable conditions in the latest decade. The existing structures of the former agricultural co-operations were liquidated. Due to different reasons, no substitute structures and organizations have been created to modernize Bulgarian agriculture.

Many of the land owners in Bulgaria are unable to farm and look after their land. In spite of the attempts of the state to stimulate the agricultural manufacturers, and in spite of the numerous programs for financing and support of the Bulgarian agriculture, the land is fractioned and scattered, and does not get the necessary quality and effectiveness of cultivation.

There are quite good opportunities for investment and development of Bulgarian agriculture at the moment:
  • there is a lot of fertile land which is not cultivated;
  • the prices of the farm land are comparatively low;
  • the production expenses are low;
  • there are opportunities for financing, subsidizing and crediting through programs of the European Union, the Ministry of agriculture and forests, as well as through funds and other organizations.