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Exchange Rate: 07.09.2005
BGN/EUR 1.95583
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Agency Web Site

The real estates' portal BGoffers.com gives you the opportunity to configure a site about your real estates' agency quickly and for free. This site will contain all the offers which you enter from your account in the BGoffers.com portal, and will be available at www.YourName.bgoffers.com.

Your agency's site will contain:
  • An home page, where 12 randomly selected estates of your agency will appear; the estates with statute TOP and VIP have priority;
  • A page About Us, containing information about the agency;
  • A page For Contacts, with information about the possible ways to contact you, and a form through which the visitors to your site can ask you questions;
  • Pages for advanced search of buildings and land in your offers;
  • Vertical menu - with various kinds of searching into your offers (fast search, search by the offer number and by region), as well as the exchange rates of the main currencies and a login form;
  • A notepad, for temporary storage of offers;
  • A page for examining an offer, with options for mailing a friend; registering the offer in the notepad; preparation of the offer into a printable version; access to video about the offer.
Beside that, your site will support the languages you have selected (among the languages supported by the BGoffers.com portal).