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About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is situated in the south-east of Europe. With its picturesque nature, rich history and favourable climate , the country surprises everyone who visits it for the first time.

Bulgaria is a country with a 13-century-old history. A great number of unique monuments and archaeological findings remind of its historical past. Antique towns, strongholds, tombs and sanctuaries still carry the marks of the Thracian, Greek and Roman civilizations. Medieval fortresses, necropolis and monastery complexes talk about the power of the First and Second Bulgarian Kingdoms. There are nine sights in Bulgaria, which are included in UNESCO’s list for world cultural and natural heritage.

The Bulgarian mountains Rila, Pirin, Stara Planina and the Rhodopes charm with their beautiful forests, numerous caves, gorges, waterfalls and lakes, reachable through picturesque eco-paths. The great variety, the unique natural sights and the well-preserved environment attract more and more eco-tourists to Bulgaria. There are a lot of natural parks and reserves on the territory of the country.

Bulgaria combines the warm beauty of the Black Sea and the pride of majestic mountains. Many reserves and rock phenomena impress the tourists. Every year thousands of tourists relax at the Black Sea coast or in the mountains, amidst lovely nature, they go hunting, skiing, recovering in balneological resorts or simply let go into exciting adventures. A holiday in a Bulgarian village is a source of extraordinary emotions. In the villages you can see unique customs as well as creations of interesting crafts from the past .